<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/55/43/25/86/190528020536.jpg?t=1566402047"><br>Extraordinary opportunity awaits you on eclectic Tattnall Street. Wonderful block between Gaston and Huntingdon Streets steps to Forsyth Park. This historic home, built for Alexander D. Estill circa 1856-57, was probably the first house built in this block. 508 Tattnall is on an approximately 45 x 90 foot lot with clear buildable land of about 20 feet x 90 feet on the south side of the house - plenty of room for a carriage house and/or garage. Solidly constructed of Savannah Grey Brick, this substantial house is free standing with plenty of natural light. Rare true three bedroom home with spacious rooms and a huge kitchen. The whole property is beautifully walled in with stucco to match the house, matching the house. Charming Victorian solarium on the back is a great spot to enjoy the private garden! For information and pictures sent instantly to your mobile device: Text &quot;508&quot; to 79564.<br>